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You’re Not Screwing It Up

I always want my kids. Some days I just don’t want to parent. I don’t want to have the responsibility of making heavy decisions. Sometimes I feel like I can’t possibly be in charge of these small people. ME?? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was trying to figure out which TrapperKeeper to put my Lisa… Continue reading You’re Not Screwing It Up

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My Patronus Is An IKEA KALLAX Shelving Unit

Before there was a Charlotte location, I didn’t know anything about IKEA outside of the store’s Swedish roots. Because I lean toward a more traditional aesthetic, I didn’t bother to pay attention to IKEA. Mid-century modern is for people who don’t like to sit in comfortable chairs! Finally, some friends of mine punched me in… Continue reading My Patronus Is An IKEA KALLAX Shelving Unit

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Ease up, Girl

It’s been a day full of piano lessons, grocery stores, pool time, a husband out-of-town, and now piles of wet towels by the back door. Not every moment is easy, but I have a good life, a great life. I recently realized that I need to calm the eff down. ┬áMy shoulders are up to… Continue reading Ease up, Girl